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Challenge Yourself!

JOIN ME: Dates Will Be Announced in December!  

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Try something new: Invest in this skill that will save you time and money and help you earn income if that is your goal.  Current wig makers, join the challenge to motivate, inspire and share tips and tricks with those new to ventilating.

You can login, access and view this course from any device!

If you constantly buy lace wigs, frontals, closures, etc and watch youtube to learn how to tweeze/customize it to look more natural ...this challenge will change your life.

If you or your clients have hair loss as a result of a health issue, this is the first step in providing a solution.  Learning to ventilate opens the doors for making custom hair pieces to bring back that confidence that existed before the hair loss.

If you are tired of ordering hair units with unreal hair lines, this challenge will give you confirmation that you can totally customize your own units.

Not everything of value should cost you an arm and a leg to attain. This is my way of giving back by taking the time to provide simple steps that are broken down in such a way for you and anyone to learn a skill that is in demand. 

I ask that you dedicate at least 45 minutes or more per day for our total 7 days together.  It's not as hard as you think, if you have ambition, patience and the right training. You bring the ambition and patience and I will bring the training. Other than minimum required materials, the cost of valuable time for both you and I that's totally worth it...IT IS FREE!

You may ask, "Toria what do you get out of this?" Nothing more than the satisfaction of helping someone who may be where I was years ago. Doubting myself to do something that seems so out of reach. Since conquering what I thought was unattainable, I have learned to love and conquer challenges. Using and improving my trainings to reach and teach different people all over the world is a challenge for me but I love it!

If Price was an issue, I removed that from the equation. 

If traveling was an issue, I removed that from the equation as well...


*This FREE Training Material is available only during the dates provided above.  During this time, you will be able to log in at your convenience and have full access.*

About the instructor

  • Toria Demps   (Expert Custom Wig Maker)


    Toria Demps (Expert Custom Wig Maker)

    I continue to have the opportunity of helping countless people gain their confidence back by creating beautiful custom units and I was also fortunate enough to assist, under the direction and leadership of Marquetta Breslin, at one of the best hands on seminars with approximately 25 attendees from all over the world and different walks of life. You could say, I definitely have a passion for helping clients channel that inner wig master that's anxious to learn this skill with endless opportunities.  With my own personal transformations from creating my own custom lace wigs and units, I definitely understand the concept of "There is Healing in Helping!"  With that deeply rooted understanding of the emotions behind hair loss, I have been able to connect with a community of people who are suffering from this unfortunate problem and also with a community of people who are passionate and dedicated to helping provide solutions for those in need!While I admit, I do not have it all figured out, I steadily continue to conquer and grow with new challenges as an entre/info/edu-preneur.  I also realize how important it is to reach down to pull those up from the areas where I was stuck and confused being new to this business but also had successful mentors in the industry that were willing to do the same.  "Each One, Teach One!"  Email me with any questions