Advisory & Email Consulting takes dedication and commitment from both you & I.  For that reason, I only offer enrollment each trimester and accept a few clients (BY APPLICATION ONLY)!

There are 2 parts to my 90 Day Program

  1. Advisory: You and I spend 3 virtual office hours together by way of a resource called Zoom.  Each month we schedule a live 60 minute video call to customize your business roadmap.  We create a course of action (Plan your work) for you to implement (Work your plan) before our next monthly meeting.  This is your opportunity to ask questions and get answers on anything you have ever seen me do.  I don't hold back!!!!
  2. Email Consulting: In between time of our next monthly meeting, I will always be an email away for further assistance with any questions or concerns to ensure you are continuously progressing.

Annual Schedule (Advisory always starts mid month).

Upon submitting your application and receiving an approval email, choose your payment option below and remit payment by the due date that was provided.

Enroll Now (3 Pay): 3 x $995
  • January - March

  • April - June

  • July - September

  • October - December

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